I build practical systems to actualize creative concepts.

I'm Ryan Todd Garza. I draw from a broad background of interdisciplinary pattern abstraction to develop effective technical and creative solutions for artistic and entrepreneurial ventures.

I design and develop enterprise software solutions and open-source services and libraries. Bit Pas—my creative development studio—is the consolidation and continuation of my freelance work in the tech domain.
I have worked professionally in the music and film industry as an artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer in varying degrees of emphasis for most of my life. The allure of music informs everything I do today.
I am both student and teacher of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and the analysis of texts explicating the philosophy and technique of Yogic systems. In 2021 I established Ashtanga Yoga Bhavana to bolster the local community.
Dancing ballet has become my favorite way to explore form and push my body as of late. I am grateful to be a under the tutelage of Ballet Lubbock and a part of their performances.
Ongoing interest in generative art and creative systems provides me the opportunity for interdisciplinary study and collaborations among experts in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, design, and the arts.
Though my UI/UX and graphic design work is borne out of necessity, a number of brand and web designs have emerged over the years. I am a design system advocate and help digital product owners develop and integrate them.
Exposure and study of cross-cultural traditional rhythmic expression mixed with programming and combinatorics have inspired theoretical rhythmic musings and the practical application thereof.
Collaboration across numerous business domains has resulted in a unique perspective and skill set that I've begun to explore professionally as entrepreneurial ventures and consultation on business intelligence integrations.
Writing is easy; communicating is hard. I enjoy the challenge of communicating a variety of technical and subjective matters which can be found in my blog and on the web as contributions to various publications.