I build practical systems to actualize creative concepts.

I'm Ryan Todd Garza. I draw from a broad background of interdisciplinary pattern abstraction to develop effective technical and creative solutions for artistic and entrepreneurial ventures.

Where’s the content?

This site is undergoing teardown so I can reflect and rebuild it in a way that more clearly articulates what it is that I do professionally and creatively while distinguishing current from past ventures.

01/ Software

If you are looking for my software and web work, you can view the public repositories containing my open-source services and libraries in my personal GitHub as well as the Bit Pas GitHub—my newly established creative development organization. There are also a handful of technical resources that I’ve written in my blog and on Medium.

02/ Music

If you are looking for my music, you can stream it on Spotify, listen to Ens Ensemble on Bandcamp, or see my sparsely credited work on IMDB and AllMusic. Those interested in theoretical rhythmic musings and the practical application of such can explore my work on rhythmanalysis.

03/ Creative

If you are looking for my work regarding generative art and creative systems, check out svara.dev. If my photography or past installations are what you came for, check back for an updated gallery or email me about prints.

04/ Yoga

If you are looking for resources regarding Ashtanga Yoga asana, mantra, or simply explication of the philosophy and technique of systematic Yogic systems, my blog is still the best place for that.

05/ None of the above

If there is something else you are looking for that I haven’t addressed, please reach out. I would love to know what brought you here and am always anticipating the conversation that instigates the next reason to learn something new.