I build practical systems to actualize creative concepts.

My name is Ryan Todd Garza. I build practical systems to actualize creative concepts. I draw from a broad background of interdisciplinary pattern abstraction to develop effective technical and creative solutions for artistic and entrepreneurial ventures.

These systems typically manifest to address a specific need within a defined domain, and mature along the paths necessary for them to function where the seen and unforeseen branches of those disciplines lead. This type of engagement has resulted in over a decade of creative and professional experience with countless clients and collaborators.

I began my career in the music industry as multi-instrumentalist in 2007. Throughout the following decade, I toured and recorded as a supporting musician, continued both formal and informal studies of Hindustani music, Afro-Cuban percussion, tonal and post tonal theory, and took on regular work as a recording/mixing engineer and eventually a producer.

In Los Angeles, the scope of my creative work expanded in 2015 to include music and audio for the professional film industry. I’ve had the good fortune of working with incredibly talented individuals artistically on laurel winning independent films and commercially for some of the most iconic brands in the world including Apple, HULU, Reebok, Mercedes-Benz, Academy Sports + Outdoors, and many more.

In 2020, I founded the independent record label Inaminit Music to distribute my own recorded music and continue the development of a small number of artists and projects.

My audio engineering background naturally led to an exploration of sound synthesis and subsequently to the study of computational creativity and generative systems. For the first time, I encountered visual programming languages. Recognizing a conceptual expressiveness that personally felt wanting in traditional music notation systems, I turned my attention to text-based programming languages and shifted my focus to software development.

In 2021, I established Orthogonal Capital to more clearly articulate the scope of the solutions being pursued. Orthogonal Capital currently holds Bit Pas—a creative development studio dedicated to modeling creative systems and presenting the output in unique user experiences.

I am currently engaged in the development of solutions for startups and mid-scale businesses both in the digital product space and as business intelligence integrations.

On a personal note, I enjoy movement disciplines and have an extensive Ashtanga Yoga background as well as a more recent infatuation with ballet. Daily learning is non-negotiable; I am perpetually in the middle of at least five books at any given time. I spent a brief season as a fine art photographer. I’m a night owl. My elementary principal told my parents I was a genius after I took an IQ test and I’m constantly on the fence about whether I am proving him right or wrong.